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Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Onset of Technopia

As Technological developments and innovations follow Moore's Law, the implications for Business and social life can only be imagined. More Communications and Ubiquitious Computing would perhaps be the hallmark of the coming times.

Bandwidth will get much, much cheaper and more available. More people will have more decision-making powers in organizations and videoconferencing will get as good as being there while Wireless connectivity will free everyone from being geographically tethered to home or office.

Human interfaces will improve at a rapid clip to encompass Speech, Written natural language, Tangible touch, smell and taste interfaces, Electronic paper and even Neural interfaces.

Computers will be more capable of acting in the physical world and will be be endowed with Vision, Robotics Motion and action to include Desktop fabs augmented by RFID.

Computers will be much, much faster and cheaper overcoming the limits of current technologies with the harnessing of Quantum computing, Nanotechnology,DNA or biological computing. Artificial Intelligence will become a reality.

Computers will be everywhere as Ubiquitous computing takes hold through Information appliances and Wearables

Professor Kurzweil summarizes these projections as follows:

$1K computer does 1 trillion calculations / secondComputers embedded in clothes and jewelry.
Most routine business transactions involve a human and a virtual personality.
Translating telephones are common.
Human musicians routinely jam with cybernetic musicians.


$1K computer has approximately the computational capacity of a human brain.
Computers are invisible and embedded everywhere.
3D virtual reality displays in glasses are primary way of communicating with people and accessing computer-generated information.
All-encompassing virtual environments allow virtually any kind of interaction over any distance.
Virtual personalities (e.g., teachers, lovers) are common.


$1K computer has approximately the computational capacity of 1000 human brains.
Neural interfaces to computers have been perfected, and computational augmentation of human brains is available.
Computers have read all available human literature.
There is growing discussion about the legal rights of computers.


The number of software-based humans vastly exceeds the number of those using carbon-based neurons.
Humans who do not use the enormous computational augmentations available cannot meaningfully participate in dialog with those who do.
Life expectancy is no longer a viable term in relation to intelligent beings.

It is going to be a brave new world out there. Only the most mechanically inclined will prosper. Emotions and sentiments will be perhaps be debilitating weaknesses and the offending genes deactivated in custom ordered synthetically concieved babies.


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